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Portrait of a Photographer

Photographers are perhaps one of hardest subjects to photograph perhaps because they themselves have an understanding of the art. Combine that with photographing one that is a close friend of yours and well… that makes for quite a challenge 🙂
This is a unique portrait set against an backdrop of old ruins.


There are all kinds of possibilities when using professional photography studio. But when that studio becomes a dance studio because your are photographing a fantastic pair of latino dancers, it is a photography on a whole new level.

Wedding On The Beach

Wedding on a beach is a dream come true for any wedding photographer as you have stunning backdrop everywhere around you. Even better, if you are photographing a wedding on any of the Auckland’s west coast beaches, you might be presented with a stunning sunset. Is there anything more romantic than bride and groom dancing in the surf at sunset?

Fairy Pearls

The beauty is all around us. You do not have to be a professional photographer with expensive camera and lenses to capture that beauty.

The Moment

This was a photo shoot for an upcoming real-estate agent with the purpose to create a number of head and upper body shots that can be used for real-estate agent marketing materials (business cards, brochures, company website etc). I managed to capture a very special moment too…

Behind The Rain Drops

There is something magical in water reflections, whether you are trying to create something abstract or to make a portrait really unique and very, very special.
I really love to photograph people and to try and create / capture something that they will be happy to print and mount on their wall.
The Photo-shoot might be in my North Shore photography studio or any other indoor or outdoor location around Auckland.
This, however, was something different…