Behind The Rain Drops

There is something special in water reflections, whether you are trying to create something abstract or to make a portrait really unique and very special.

I really love to photograph people and to try create / capture something special. The  Photo-shoot might be in my North Shore photography studio or any other indoor or outdoor location around Auckland.

This, however, pushed my photography skills right up to the edge because I wanted to create something special based off an old portrait and not the person itself. To me it  symbolises an everlasting relationship with a special person. Jumping into PhotoShop and simply manipulating an old photo was not an option.

This is the outcome:  A Portrait of my father who passed away 25 years ago.  He is still out there, looking after me, behind the rain drops.

Portrait Behind The Rain Drops by j-Photography

Portrait Behind The Rain Drops by j-Photography

This image was captured using his old photo with setup in my studio. These are indeed real water drops and not a PhotoShop manipulation.

When I finished capturing that special memento, I wanted to explore other possibilities and capture the conflict of water and fire in a similar fashion.

The second photo is much more abstract, capturing the colour and warmth of the fire through the chill of the clear water:

Fire And Water

Fire and Water by j-Photography

Photography is truly limitless! 🙂

This photo looks fantastic as a desktop wallpaper so if you would like to use this on your PC or Mac (fantastic on 5K screen!) please feel free to contact me and I will email it to you.

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Stay safe and enjoy those precious moments!