Couple portrait by j-Photography

The Moment

This was a photo shoot for an upcoming real-estate agent with the purpose to create a number of head and upper body shots that can be used for real-estate agent marketing materials (business cards, brochures, company website etc).

Real estate Agent Portrait by j-Photography

Real estate Agent Portrait by j-Photography

The photoshoot was all about simplicity, clear posing, inviting smiles and everything that good marketing material requires.

Even though these photos might appear as relatively simple, they need to be carefully posed in order to achieve warmth and yet to keep a clean and professional look.

The studio really was ideal for this photoshoot. It allowed optimal lighting control for the photoshoot along with ample space for posing.

My personal preference is to utilise natural light whenever possible as the soft shadows it produces lead to a much more natural looking subject.

I am lucky enough that my North Shore photography studio has large window that let in enough natural light so that I usually have an option of choosing natural light over artificially created light.


The look achieved in these photos is not at all different to any executive or corporate photoshoots as essentially they want to capture the same thing: A clean, professional look.

The final output of this photoshoot included a series of colour images, black and white images as well as images with transparent backgrounds that are particularly suitable for marketing materials such as posters and brochures.

But this story does not end here…  The real estate agent was accompanied by her husband for this photoshoot so I spotted an opportunity to capture a loving couple portrait as the chemistry and love between them was truly palpable.

However, I very much prefer to photograph spontaneous moments rather than strictly posed ones as it results in photos that truly capture the beautiful and sincere emotions unachievable through posing.

I therefore asked them to simply stand close to each other whilst I “adjust my camera” (The camera needed no adjustment and even if it did I can adjust most settings on it without ever loosing sight of my subjects through the camera viewfinder) full well knowing that they cannot simply stand next to each other for long before “a moment happens” 🙂

And here it is:

Couple portrait by j-Photography

Couple portrait by j-Photography

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Stay safe and enjoy those precious moments!